REF 520

TRACOE experc Dilation Set for Percutaneous Tracheostomy

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TRACOE experc Dilation Set for Percutaneous Tracheostomy

In sterile package

order-no.: REF 520


  • Scalpel
  • Syringe
  • Puncture needle (14 G) with Teflon catheter
  • Seldinger guide wire made of kink resistant NiTiNOL with inserter
  • Short dilator (14 CH/FR)
  • Guiding catheter with safety stop
  • TRACOE experc dilator with hydrophilic coating (slides easily after moistening)
  • 4 compresses

The TRACOE experc Dilation Set can be supplemented with the tracheostomy tube which is best suited for the patient:

For patients needing ventilation
REF 450-P, as Set REF 420 
REF 451-P, as Set REF 421
REF 460-P, as Set REF 423
REF 461-P, as Set REF 424

For patients with thick neck
REF 451-P, as Set REF 421 
REF 461-P, as Set REF 424 
REF 471-P, as Set REF 425

For ventilation and/or rehabilitation
REF 301-P, as Set REF 320 
REF 311-P, as Set REF 330

For ventilation and/or rehabilitation - as speaking tube
REF 302-P, as Set REF 321 
REF 312-P, as Set REF 331

For ventilation and/or rehabilitation – with subglottic suction line
REF 306-P, as Set REF 322 
REF 316-P, as Set REF 332 
REF 470-P, as Set REF 422 
REF 471-P, as Set REF 425
REF 888-306-P, as Set REF 888-322
REF 888-316-P, as Set REF 888-332

All TRACOE tracheostomy tubes for the percutaneous tracheostomy are available in sizes 07, 08 and 09 (REF 470-P and REF 471-P only in sizes 08 and 09). TRACOE twist plus tracheostomy tubes are available in size 10 as well.



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