Company Profile


TRACOE has been specialising in tracheostomy and laryngectomy since its founding about 60 years ago. During this time highly qualified expertise was developed, which is now reflected in continual product innovations, optimal production quality, a diverse range of products and sustainable customer services.High-end quality across the board.

Today we enjoy an excellent reputation as a competent and reliable partner in our specialist field among doctors and patients both in hospitals and in the home-care sector.


It is our vision to improve both the quality of life for patients and the treatment success of medical staff. Our highest priorities are to work closely with patients and to maintain a trusted relationship with doctors.

We were founded over 60 years ago as a family business and, based on long-term tradition and experience, we want to continue to follow our values of humanity and honesty towards our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Apart from our reliability and consistency, our goal is to grow sustainably in order to continuously expand our global success.

We believe in highly motivated and qualified staff as well as their continuous development in order to fulfill our high quality requirements. Our development and production facilities in Germany allow us to continuously develop new, high-quality and innovative premium products. We will continue to stand for quality made in Germany in the future and will provide a secure and interesting working environment for our staff.


In order for us to be able to guarantee the necessary sustainable quality standards for our sophisticated TRACOE products, we develop and produce most of them at our own premises.

Many of the products are manufactured in complex procedures in our production department – the prerequisite for optimal production and finishing quality. For this reason, we are completely committed to our site in Germany. Since 2013, all our processes, from development to delivery, take place under one roof at our expanded company premises in Nieder-Olm near Mainz.


Stephan Köhler, in the third generation managing director, is closely affiliated with TRACOE medical. The TRACOE-Philosophy was shaped by him and, together with his personnel, further dynamic is added to it: with trendsetting product innovations, additional specialised and competent employees and continually improved customer service.

TRACOE smart


The unique TRACOE smart cuff manager continuously regulates the optimal cuff pressure of tracheostomy tubes and endotracheal tubes. In doing so, it not only increases patient safety, but also simplifies the daily routine for the personnel – saving them work and reducing costs.

TRACOE smart is a contemporary example of how medical – technical innovations at TRACOE are developed and realised in close cooperation with users in hospitals. Products like TRACOE smart are one of the main reasons that we were voted one of the TOP 100 most innovative medium-sized enterprises in Germany once again in 2013.

Extensive information on TRACOE smart can be found here.