Ethics and Compliance

At TRACOE medical as well as the entire Atos Medical group, we are passionate about making life easier for our patients by providing personalized care, and developing innovative solutions. We always live our values: we listen – we inspire – we focus – we engage.

Giving Voice to Our Values: Do the Right Thing

Our code of conduct is the common baseline for all of us when discussing compliance and ethical behavior. It is our day-to-day guidance and we expect all our officers, employees, and everyone working on our behalf to comply with the code of conduct as well as with current laws and regulations.

Speak Up!

We take concerns and breaches of our code of conduct very seriously and expect people to speak up. We also expect our managers to keep an open dialogue with their employees on ethics, and give them clear guidance on concerns.

If you have concerns about ethics and compliance please speak up and address them to your manager or Compliance Officer. Remember that we all share the responsibility for maintaining our good reputation and high ethical standards. Our employees and stakeholders also have the option of using our Speak Up Hotline.

Contact compliance:

Speak up Hotline: +46 415 169 72