Company History

More than 60 Years of Progress and Change

1958   Invention of the transparent, flexible PVC tracheostomy tube TRACOE comfort by Rudolf Köhler, Prof. Biesalski, and Prof. Waldeck.
 1961   Distribution of the tubes through B. Braun Melsungen. 
 1972   TRACOE medical GmbH is founded by Dr. Wolgang Köhler and Hildegard Waldeck. 
 1990   Stephan Köhler joins the management team.
 1993   The first TRACOE care products are included into the growing range.
 1994   New production facility open in Mainz, Germany.
 1996   Launch of the polyurethane tracheostomy tube TRACOE twist which was developed by Prof. Waldeck.
 1997   The company moves to new headquarters in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
 1998   New products are introduced into the market: First precision device for the intensive care:
TRACOE cuff pressure control and  TRACOE stoma button and grid button.
 1999   The company moves to new production facilities with clean rooms in Nieder-Olm near Mainz, Germany.
 2000   Company headquarters relocates to Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
 2002   A great number of new products is included into the range TRACOE care.
The range TRACOE larynx is newly established with the most important products for laryngectomised patients.
 2003   Introduction of TRACOE vario, the soft tubes with the variably adjustable neck flange and TRACOE mini tubes for neonates and children.
 2004   Establishing own sales force in Germany.
 2005   The TRACOE cuff pressure monitor is inserted.
 2006   The new product range TRACOE percutan with products for the percutaneous tracheostomy is launched.
At the same time the innovative TRACOE experc Set twist is introduced as well as TRACOE pure, the transparent and soft tube which is available in many different sizes.
The tubes TRACOE vario XL and TRACOE vario extract are added to the TRACOE vario product range.
 2008   The range TRACOE percutan is expanded by TRACOE experc Set vario with the new and innovative insertion system.
 2009   In Nieder-Olm the new production facility with 3.000 m2 is built and put into operation.
 2010   TRACOE Silicone Short Tubes and TRACOE button plus are added to TRACOE larynx range of products.
TRACOE is voted one of the "TOP 100 most innovative medium-sized companies" in Germany.
 2011   Shares are bought in the first foreign subsidiary MC Europe in the Netherlands.
Introducing TRACOE twist plus tracheostomy tubes and further expansion of TRACOE experc Sets on offer. Our modular product group is launched.
 2012   The new head office with 1.200 m2 is under construction in Nieder-Olm.
 2013   1st of FEBRUARY - After a serious illness co-founder and partner of TRACOE medical, Prof. Dr. med. Franz Waldeck, passes away.
FEBRUARY - In Nieder-Olm the new administrative building is completed and moved into. Thus the office in Frankfurt is closed and TRACOE medical is now united in one location. Inauguration of new head office.
TRACOE medical is voted one of the "TOP 100 most innovative German medium-sized companies" for the second time.
AUGUST - Introduction of TRACOE smart Cuff Manager.
OCTOBER - Dr. Ralf Schnell awarded the German Innovation Prize for out-of-hospital intensive care.
 2014   JULY - The product group technic is expanded for the German market with the suction pump TRACOE procuff S.
OCTOBER - The range TRACOE comfort is expanded by the new product line comfort plus with 3 additional cannula types.
DECEMBER - The TRACOE image film "quality by people for people" was honored with the "Award of Master — The European Master Class".
 2015   JANUARY - Dr. Thomas Jurisch joins the management team.
FEBRUARY - Stephan Köhler celebrates 25 years anniversary in TRACOE medical. Inauguration of the new canteen.
MAY - The TRACOE image film was honored with the "Silver Award of World Media Festival — global competition for modern media.
 2016   APRIL - TRACOE goes online with an official Facebook Fanpage and
receives sister company KAPITEX Healthcare Ltd. from the UK.
MAY - A great number of new products is included into the range TRACOE vario, modular and technic.
JUNE - TRACOE medical is voted one of the "TOP 100 most innovative German medium-sized companies" for the third time.
 2017  APRIL – Award „Business of the Year 2017“ in the category “Top Innovation” of the administrative district Mainz-Bingen received.
JULY – After working for 10 years for TRACOE Marcus Keidl, Business Administration Manager, has been appointed Member of Management.
AUGUST – Introduction of the new product group TRACOE select with especially selected medical products manufactured not by TRACOE, e.g. the TRACOE Seldinger Pleura Drainage Kit, the TRACOE aeris Balloon Dilation Catheter as well as products from Parker Medical and Mercury Medical for the German market.
 2018  JANUARY – TRACOE opens its first representative office in Manama, Bahrain.
APRIL – Foundation of the subsidiary TRACOE medical GmbH in Salzburg, Austria.
MAY – In Nieder-Olm the TRACOE silicone production plant is certified by the Notified Body TÜV Süd.
JUNE – The product line TRACOE silcosoft, manufactured at the plant in Nieder-Olm, is introduced into the product group TRACOE kids. The line consists of silicone tracheostomy tubes for neonates, infants and children. Expansion of storage space to 3.300 qm by opening a new logistic centre in Nieder-Olm.

Storage and production departments in 1990

Storage and production departments today