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Quality by People
for People

Our goal is to ensure optimal patient care.

Founded over 60 years ago as a family business, TRACOE medical has been concentrating on the specialties of tracheostomy and laryngectomy with quality "Made in Germany" for over half a century.

From the safe initial installation of the tracheostoma to the weaning of the patient from the tracheostomy tube, TRACOE offers a full and complementary range of products. The percutaneous dilation set is at the beginning of the care – the properties of the tracheostomy tubes help the patient's respiration.
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TRACOE silcosoft©

The true size can be particularly important in children. Our new TRACOE kids product range consists of the tried and trusted TRACOE mini and the brand-new TRACOE silcosoft. The tracheostomy tubes in both these lines have been developed especially for neonates, infants and older children. We have focussed particularly on the flange design and the use of comfortable materials.

Experience Speaking Again

In your day-to-day work, you have most likely had the experience with ventilator-dependent patients who have had problems with not being able to speak. TRACOE has taken on this topic.

Our reliable subglottic suction cannulas are now also approved for ACV - Above Cuff Vocalisation (speaking under ventilation). This gives you the opportunity to increase the participation of your patients in social life and to promote their well-being as well as to counteract possible frustration. It can also increase their motivation and cooperation.

TRACOE Product catalog

"It's exciting to already be able to shape the product during the development phase.""
Valerij Keiner, junior project manager
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