Information about Patient Care

Product Requests and Consultation

Volker Senft is your contact partner and an expert in products for non-clinical care. He will be happy to advise you on tracheostomy treatment and can offer support in developing solutions for complex issues. Product variants can offer further help if standard treatment does not lead to satisfactory results.

Volker Senft

Volker Senft


Mobile: +49 151 1269 0313
E-Mail: v.senft(at)

Central pharmaceutical / aid numbers

In Germany, the central pharmaceutical number is a nationwide identifier for medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

Aids can only be supplied with a doctor's prescription. The prescription must be marked as an aid prescription. For this purpose, please tick field No. 7 on the form and describe the product in detail and enter the aid number. Many TRACOE products have an aid number, and such numbers have been applied for with regard to other products.

A list sorted according to the TRACOE product groups, containing the aid numbers and central pharmaceutical numbers is available to download.

General Information

With regard to non-clinical patient care, you will find selected information by the German  Medical Technology Association (Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V.) or BVMed in short.

You will find an explanation of the topics that are collated under the generic term HomeCare and of the relevant laws and regulations.

The aids for caring for tracheostomised or laryngectomised patients are divided into various product groups. An information card which, amongst other things, contains important notes on prescriptions is available.

For further information, including information on other therapy areas such as nutrition, please visit