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From safely applying the tracheostoma to weaning the patient off the tracheal cannula, TRACOE offers a full and complementary range of products. The percutaneous dilatation set is used at the start of care – the properties of the tracheal cannulae help the patient's respiration.

In intensive care and early rehabilitation, subglottic suction is an important part of secretion management. Suction and monitoring of cuff pressure can be performed automatically around the clock.

Speaking valves support the weaning phase. They enable communication and help sensitise the throat region to prepare for the transition to a normal diet.

Patients can benefit from TRACOE products for long-term care, too. The focus in particular here is on using tracheal cannulae for communication to improve the patient's quality of life.


Percutaneous dilatation tracheotomy (PDT) has become routine practice in intensive care. The Ciaglia technique is now the method most widely used. The TRACOE experc system is based on this proven technique. The sets are tailored to the use of fenestrated and non-fenestrated tracheostomy tubes, including tubes with subglottic suction lines, from the TRACOE twist, twist plus and TRACOE vario product lines. They are supplied already mounted on their minimally traumatic insertion systems (P-tubes). Inserting the tube into the patient via an introducer is a particular challenge of the percutaneous dilatation.

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TRACOE vario is a soft, flexible (DEHP-free) tube with a patented adjustable neck flange. By means of a practical push-button mechanism, the flange can be moved and adjusted to the individual patient. In this way, the correct length can be achieved. A scale ensures the exact positioning of the neck flange in preparation for a tube change. Positioning the flange by using the grey push-button and locking it by moving the orange lever upwards. Since
no screw closure is used, no pressure at all is exerted on the trachea.

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The TRACOE twist and TRACOE twist plus tracheostomy tubes are used as ventilation and therapy tubes with inner cannulas in hospitals, rehabilitation, and community settings. A special feature of TRACOE twist tubes is the anatomically shaped neck flange that moves in both the vertical and horizontal axes. Patients can turn their heads freely, without the tracheostomy tube exerting any strong pressure on the trachea. It is easy to attach or exchange the neck strap while the tube is in situ.
Sizing of the two product lines always corresponds to the inside diameter of the inner cannula. For example, when it says 8 mm on the neck flange, the lumen of the inner cannula is 8 mm.

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The true size can be particularly important in children. Our new TRACOE kids product range consists of the tried and trusted TRACOE mini and the brand-new TRACOE silcosoft. The tracheostomy tubes in both these lines have been developed especially for neonates, infants and older children. We have focussed particularly on the flange design and the use of comfortable materials.

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TRACOE comfort: The extremely comfortable long-term tubes have traditionally been hand-crafted for the past six decades. They are characterised by their softness and flexibility and are particularly economical to use thanks to their durability.
As the name suggests, TRACOE comfort tubes are designed to be as comfortable as possible for permanent wearers after tracheostomy or laryngectomy. Their dis­creet appear­ance is an added benefit. To en­sure optimum quality, they are still made by hand – an extra ef­fort that does a world of good to the patient.

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TRACOE larynx is a product line intended to meet the needs of long-term tracheostomised or laryngectomised patients, in hospitals, rehabilitation, and clinical aftercare. TRACOE larynx stoma buttons and short cannulas made of soft flexible silicone have been specially developed for patients who no longer need a standard tracheostomy tube but still require a device to keep the stoma open. They also support speaking valves and/or HMEs.

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TRACOE speaking valves and heat/moisture exchanger can be attached to different support systems with 15 mm connectors or 22 mm housings, depending on requirements and indications. This modular system for tracheostomy tubes, stoma buttons, short tubes and adhesive carriers permits flexible solutions to suit individual patients.

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TRACOE technic betrifft medizinische Geräte, die mit hoher Präzision die Einstellung bzw. die automatische Regelung des Drucks im Cuff von Tracheostomiekanülen und Endotrachealtuben erlauben. Why is it so important for the cuff to be properly inflated? For one, to ensure sufficient ventilation at all times. For another, to prevent silent aspiration, which under certain circumstances can lead to a nosocomial ventilation pneumonia. It also prevents damage to the trachea (mucosal necrosis, destruction of cartilage, tracheomalacia).

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The name of TRACOE medical has always stood for uncompromising quality, in-house Research and Development, and superior handcraftsmanship. Year by year, we are improving our skills and have developed a meticulous eye for detail, bringing added value for both doctors and patients. With the same stringent approach, we are opening up our product portfolio and, after careful examination of external know-how, we can now offer you even more products than in the field of tracheostomy and laryngectomy. You will find selected medical devices that meet our firm concepts of quality and user-friendliness listed in the TRACOE select product range.

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Tracheostomised and laryngectomised patients require aids that make living with a tube as comfortable as possible. A wide range of accessories is available for the best possible care of tracheostomy tubes and stomas. Many items in the TRACOE care product line, such as neck straps and compresses, help in daily living with a TRACOE tracheostomy tube.

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Certified Quality

TRACOE medical products are CE-certified. This documents the fact, that they are developed, manufactured and tested in compliance with legal requirements and the basic stipulations of the EC directive on medical products 93/42/EEC (Annex 1).

This certification is regularly renewed on the basis of audits by a designated institution. QM certification has also been obtained to show that TRACOE medical has implemented an effective quality management system which conforms to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012AC 2012. All of TRACOE medical’s staff are integrated in this quality system to ensure a consistently high level of quality for all TRACOE products.

In close consultation with the customers new products are developed, product variants – within technical possibilities – are produced and the existing products are improved. Thus the high standard of quality is further optimized. TRACOE products meet the requirements of the most demanding applications and comply with all relevant national and international guidelines and standards. They are registered and approved in many countries worldwide, including the United States (US21CFR 820) and Canada (CanMDR).