Tracheostoma Management – as Comfortable as Possible

Tracheostomised and laryngectomised patients require aids that make living with a tube as comfortable as possible. A wide range of accessories is available for the best possible care of tracheostomy tubes and stomas. 

Many items in the TRACOE care product line, such as neck straps and compresses, help in daily living with a TRACOE tracheostomy tube.

Special Protection

Tracheal compresses can be used, for example, to provide padding between the tube and the stoma; they also absorb secretions coming from the stoma. Other products, such as special cleaning sets and brushes, help to maintain the extremely important high standards of hygiene. A well-cared tracheostoma ensures that the patient feels comfortable and reduces the complications.

Bibs, scarves, and roll-necks can help to replace the missing protective and filtration functions of the nose. They protect the airway from dryness, cold and dust but also act as coverings to improve the patient’s appearance.