REF 958

TRACOE purofoam Tracheostomy Dressing, Large

Pack of 10 supplied in individual sterile packages

For tracheostomy tube sizes 06 to 12.
Dimensions approx: 9 x 10 x 0.5 cm



The TRACOE purofoam tracheostomy dressings are made of highly absorbent open pore polyurethane foam (a). The foam has a nonsticking layer (b) on the side facing the tracheostoma which allows quick absorption of liquids into the foam’s core. The opposite side is covered with a skin coloured, vapour permeable coating (c) which will prevent leakage of secretions and bacteria through the front of the dressing. Due to the circular opening and the zigzag slit the dressing can be easily replaced with a new one whilst wearing the tracheostomy tube. As the dressing does not stick to the skin, it can be removed and replaced without causing trauma or pain. The TRACOE purofoam tracheostomy dressing can be used to dress a newly established or an existing, irritated tracheostoma, as well as healed but weeping tracheostomas and any other kind of artificial orifice. This dressing meets modern standards of moist wound treatment.