REF 103-A

TRACOE comfort Tube, Fenestrated, with Slide-On Speaking Valve, Type A

  • Outer cannula, fenestrated
  • Inner cannula, fenestrated, with slide-on silver valve type A
  • Inner cannula with with 15 mm connector
  • Inner cannula
  • Wide neck strap

For tracheotomised patients with fully or partially intact larynx, for speaking.

Accessory for TRACOE comfort Tubes

  • Speaking valves, occlusion caps and artificial noses, see TRACOE modular
  • REF 517, Seldinger Guide Wire with Guiding Catheter and REF 518, Seldinger Guide Wire, see TRACOE percutan
  • REF 622, 22 mm adapter for cannulas with 15 mm connector, see TRACOE modular