REF 157

TRACOE comfort plus Tube, Double Fenestrated, with 15 mm Connector and 22 mm Adapter

  • Outer cannula, double fenestrated
  • Inner cannula, double fenestrated, with 22 mm adapter
    For attaching: TRACOE phon assist (REF 650-S and
    REF 655-S with or without TRACOE humid assist II
    REF 645) and TRACOE humid assist (REF 640-S)
  • Inner cannula with 15 mm connector
    For attaching: TRACOE humid assist (REF 640-CTREF 641 and REF 643)
  • Wide neck strap

Further Information see in the attached document  "The Modular System" (see Downloads).

Product variants

Product variants can be made in order to optimize the functionality and wearing comfort and also for patients with complex anatomical and physiological conditions. Appropriate order, click here.

Accessory for TRACOE comfort Tubes

  • Speaking valves, occlusion caps and artificial noses, see TRACOE modular
  • REF 517, Seldinger Guide Wire with Guiding Catheter and REF 518, Seldinger Guide Wire, see TRACOE percutan
  • REF 622, 22 mm adapter for cannulas with 15 mm connector, see TRACOE modular