TRACOE larynx



Soft, Light, Transparent

TRACOE larynx is a product line intended to meet the needs of long-term tracheostomised or laryngectomised patients, in hospitals, rehabilitation, and clinical aftercare.

The Range

TRACOE larynx stoma buttons and short cannulas made of soft flexible silicone have been specially developed for patients who no longer need a standard tracheostomy tube but still require a device to keep the stoma open. They also support speaking valves and/or HMEs.

TRACOE larynx adhesive carrier allow tracheostomised or laryngectomised patients to attach TRACOE humid assist I heat/moisture exchangers REF 640-CT (HMEs) and TRACOE phon assist I or the hands-free TRACOE phon assist II speaking valves. All products in the TRACOE larynx line are DEHP-free.

Details and REF numbers of TRACOE heat/moisture exchangers and TRACOE speaking valves can be found in the TRACOE modular product line on page 76 onwards.