REF 601

TRACOE grid button, short

1 unit, in sterile package, incl. neck strap

Stoma button with eyes for attaching a neck strap and with a removable grid to prevent inhalation of foreign objects.

Sizes: 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12

The Products

TRACOE stoma buttons and short tubes are made of soft, flexible silicone. Developed for patients who only require a device to keep the tracheostoma open continuously and do not need a proper tracheostomy tube, and for attaching speaking valves and/or HMEs.

The TRACOE adhesive carriers for laryngectomised or tracheostomised patients to attach heat/moisture exchangers (HMEs) humid assist I or the speaking valves phon assist I and phon assist II.

Information and reference numbers for TRACOE heat/ moisture exchangers as well as TRACOE speaking valves you will find in the product group TRACOE modular.

More information you will find in the document offered as a download.