REF 660

TRACOE Adhesive Carrier Hydrocolloid

20 units individually packaged

For affixing onto the tracheostoma. With anallergenic hydrocolloid coating,  particulary suitable for patients with sensitive skin. Includes support ring for TRACOE speaking valves phon assist I (REF 650-S and REF 650-SO) and phon assist II (REF 655-S) with or without a heat/moisture exchanger TRACOE humid assist II (REF 645) and stopper REF 621.

The Products

TRACOE stoma buttons and short tubes are made of soft, flexible silicone. Developed for patients who only require a device to keep the tracheostoma open continuously and do not need a proper tracheostomy tube, and for attaching speaking valves and/or HMEs.

The TRACOE adhesive carriers for laryngectomised or tracheostomised patients to attach heat/moisture exchangers (HMEs) humid assist I or the speaking valves phon assist I and phon assist II.

Information and reference numbers for TRACOE heat/moisture exchangers as well as TRACOE speaking valves you will find in the product group TRACOE modular.

More information you will find in the document offered as a download.