The Smaller, the Greater 

Sometimes the greatest achievements are made on a small scale. A prime example is the TRACOE mini - the product line especially developed for newborns, infants and children. TRACOE mini tracheostomy tubes are particularly soft and and  equipped with a neck flange with a slanted bottom, providing the tube with with an optimized and atraumatic fit. These tubes have very thin walls to meet the special requirements of use in small patients, however, they reliably retain their shape at all times. The smooth, funnel-shaped inner design of the 15mm connector allows an easy insertion of suction catheters.

Easy and Reliable

The special obturator is extremely practical. The grip on its end makes sure that the tube can be easily and reliably inserted despite its small size. An extension piece, heat/moisture exchanger, neck straps and compresses are also available to match.

Anatomically Optimum Solutions

So the best solution can be found for every small patient. TRACOE mini is available in 12 different sizes: 4 for neonates and 8 for pediatric use.

Colour Coding

LIGHT GREEN packaging identifies the TRACOE mini product family. A further colour, such as MAGENTA in the example, indicates a cannula type, here the REF 350. This colour coding represents the cannula's special characteristics. You can see all colour codes and their meanings below.

The families/types can be sorted according to these colours. The size of the cannula is indicated at the end of the REF number, for example REF 350-06 for the size 6 mm.

The colour coding makes stock keeping easier.


REF 350

REF 350

for neonates, without cuff

REF 355

REF 355

for children, without cuff

Product Variants

To order TRACOE mini product variants, you are asked to use the corresponding forms which are available as pdf-downloads. 

For delivery times please contact the TRACOE customer service:


Phone +49 6136 9169-320
Fax +49 6136 9169-289
E-Mail: order(at)


Instructions for Use for TRACOE mini Tracheostomy Tubes