REF 655-S

TRACOE modular, phon assist II

1 unit supplied in sterile package plus 5 units TRACOE humid assist II (REF 645), individually packaged

Hands-free speaking valve, infinitely adjustable, for attachment to TRACOE stoma and grid buttons (REF 601REF 602REF 603REF 612 and REF 613), TRACOE adhesive carriers (REF 660) and silicone short tubes (REF 580REF 581REF 582 and REF 583). Fits all sizes.

After laryngectomy only to be used in conjunction with a voice prosthesis!

Modular System

TRACOE speaking valves and heat/moisture exchanger can be attached to different support systems with 15 mm connectors or 22 mm housings, depending on requirements and indications. This modular system for tracheostomy tubes, stoma buttons, short tubes and adhesive carriers permits flexible solutions to suit individual patients.

More information you will find in the document offered as a download.