REF 520

TRACOE experc Dilation Set for percutaneous tracheotomy



in sterile package


  • scalpel
  • syringe
  • puncture needle (14 G) with teflon catheter
  • seldinger guide wire made of kink resistant Nitinol with inserter
  • short dilator (14 Ch/Fr)
  • guiding catheter with safety stop
  • TRACOE experc dilator with hydrophilic coating (slides easily after moistening)
  • 4 compresses


  Find more information about the TRACOE experc Dilation Set in our product video.



The TRACOE experc dilatation set (REF 520) can be used alone or together with the P-tube most appropriate for the patient

For patients needing ventilation

For patients with thick neck

For ventilation and/or rehabilitation

For ventilation and/or rehabilitation – as speaking tube

For ventilation and/or rehabilitation – with subglottic suction line