REF 888-322

TRACOE experc Set twist including REF 888-306-P (fenestrated, with subglottic suction line)

1 set, in sterile package

  • 1 TRACOE twist tracheostomy tube with cuff, fenestrated, subglottic suction line and atraumatic inserter 
    (REF 888-306-P)
  • 1 TRACOE experc Dilation Set (REF 520)


The special feature

At the tip of the twist inserter, there is a folding silicone sleeve that smoothly bridges the gap in diameter between the inserter and the end of the tube. The atraumatic inserter is accurately adapted to the tube and its size. That prevents the tube from slipping. Once the tube is in the trachea, the inserter is pulled out of the tube. The silicone sleeve flaps back to facilitate its easy removal.

The Benefits

Dilatation is performed using the Ciaglia one-step technique. The atraumatic inserter smooths over the gap in diameter between the end of the tube and the inserter. This minimises the risk of injury when the tracheostomy tube is introduced into the trachea. The stop at the proximal end of the tube pre­vents the inserter from being inserted too far into the tube, which also reduces the risk of injury. The separately available P-tubes can also be used for reinsertion and/or for tube change – in combination with a Seldinger guide wire, if necessary.