REF 850-5

TRACOE pleural drainage set using the Seldinger technique

In sterile package

  • Innovative
  • Minimally invasive
  • Patient-friendly

The insertion of a pleural (chest) drain is a frequently performed invasive measure. The procedure alleviates the symptoms and brings relief to the patient.

As with all invasive measures, complications such as damage to intercostal nerves and vessels or intrathoracic organs are possible. Inserting the drain using the Seldinger technique under ultrasound guidance helps to prevent complications of this nature. In the case of a pneumothorax, the puncture site and direction are determined by a chest X-ray or computed tomography (CT).

During the course of treatment, a possible complication that may compromise the procedure is kinking of the tube, resulting in an obstructed flow.

Cutting-edge plastics technology now makes it possible to produce very flexible drainage catheters that are soft, but resistant to kinking and torsion. The risk of obstruction is thereby reduced.