REF 721

TRACOE cuff pressure monitor sensitive (cpms)


  • 1 connection tube REF 702

The TRACOE cuff pressure monitor sensitive (cpms) is used to fill and monitor the pressure of high-volume-low-pressure cuffs of tracheostomy and endotracheal tubes.

Its outstanding features and benefits:

  • easy and safe in- and deflation
  • precise, reproducible pressure indication
  • sensitive adjustment of cuff pressure by red
  • pressure button
  • easy-to-read scale with green colour coded pressure range between 20 and cmH2O (from 0 – 120 cmH2O )
  • stable/solid and flexible fastening hook
  • vacuum valve for deflation

The subglottic secretion suction with the aim to reduce the VAP rate of patients with an expected ventilation period of more than 72 hours was classified as category IA of the recommendations by the German Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention (guidelines for hospital hygiene and infection prevention issued by the Robert Koch Institute, KRINKO)*. The recommendation specifies that the cuff pressure level should be set between 20 and 30 cmH2O and checked at regular intervals. The recommendation is part of category IB. When these two actions are taken in combination, they can help to reduce the incidence of pneumonia.

* Prevention of nosocominal ventilator-associated pneumonia (Prävention der nosokominalen beatmungsassoziierten Pneumonie, KRINKO), German Federal Health Gazette (Bundesgesundheitsblatt) 2013 – 56:1578-1590