REF 305

TRACOE twist Laryngectomy Tube

In sterile package


  • inner cannula, fenestrated, with 15 mm connector
  • inner cannula with grooved low profile connector
  • obturator
  • neck strap

TRACOE twist Colour Coding

REF-numbers are marked according to the TRACOE twist colour coding. The colour coding is conspicuously printed on each box. This helps you organise your inventory and quickly and reliably locate the right tube. The neck flange of a fenestrated cannula has blue writing, the flange of an unfenestrated cannula has green writing.

Spare Inner Cannulas

  • REF 503 TRACOE twist spare inner cannula, unfenestrated, short, 3 units, supplied in individual sterile packages

Accessory for TRACOE twist Tubes