REF 312

TRACOE twist plus Tracheostomy Tube with low pressure cuff and double fenestration at inner and outer bend

In sterile package


  • inner cannula, double fenestrated with 15 mm connector
  • inner cannula with 15 mm connector
  • occlusion cap for fenestrated tubes
  • perforated obturator
  • neck strap

Features of TRACOE twist plus Tracheostomy Tubes

  • Elongated version of the well-proven TRACOE twist tubes
  • Greatly reduced wall thickness
  • Thin-walled but stable inner cannula
  • Less outer diameter with existing conformity of size
  • Less airway resistance
  • Safety locking device for the inner tube
  • Highly improved phonation through double-fenestration of REF 312,  REF 314 and REF 888-316: multiple fenestration at the outer bend as well as two additional phonation holes at the inner bend.

Spare Inner Cannulas

  • REF 521 TRACOE twist plus spare inner cannula, unfenestrated, 3 units, supplied in individual sterile packages
  • REF 521-X bulk pack, TRACOE twist plus spare inner cannula, unfenestrated, 10 units, supplied in individual sterile packages
  • REF 523 TRACOE twist plus spare inner cannula, double fenestrated, 3 units, supplied in individual sterile packages
  • REF 523-X bulk pack, TRACOE twist plus inner cannula, double fenestrated, 10 units supplied in individual sterile packages

Accessory for TRACOE twist plus Tubes