Product Training

As your healthcare partner, TRACOE takes shared responsibility for patient care.

Precise knowledge of tracheostomy therapy supports the patient's recovery process. The use of special cannulae for subglottic suction can reduce secondary illnesses and costs, for example as part of preventing respiratory pneumonia. We at TRACOE will be happy to support you with seminars and workshops on special topics.


For Hospitals

If a decision is made to use tracheal cannulae for respiration in the longer term, the percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy is the first step. The modular TRACOE experc system allows practitioners to choose the tracheal cannula best suited for the patient from 14 different types. The atraumatic inserter enables careful application.

The cannula types range from the spiral-reinforced cannula with adjustable neck flange, to the modern multi-functional cannula with subglottic suction and speech function. For some patients, an MRT-compatible cannula can be used, whereas others need an extra-long cannula due to their anatomy.

The properties of size-compliant tracheal cannulae like the TRACOE twist and twist plus can significantly ease patient respiration. Subglottic suction has become an important part of secretion management in intensive care and early rehabilitation. Suction and monitoring of cuff pressure can be performed automatically around the clock, easing the pressure on the daily routine.

Speaking valves support the rehabilitation and weaning phase. They enable communication and help sensitise the throat region to prepare for the transition to a normal diet.

Please send your enquiries and appointment requests for the hospital, for nursing schools, training courses and professional education via e-mail to Ms Ortrud Schön. We will discuss the topics, time from and appointment with you.

Ortrud Schön

Ortrud Schön


For Non-Clinical Care

If weaning and decannulation cannot be achieved over the course of treatment and further non-clinical care is deemed necessary, the patient can benefit from TRACOE products for long-term care.

The field of tracheostomy therapy is extremely varied. We can support you with a range of product seminars and practical exercises. Specific topics here include communication via tracheal cannulae to improve quality of life and cannula treatment in patients with swallowing disorders.

When treating tracheostomised patients over the long term, issues can arise among most statutory health insurance providers in terms of balancing the best possible care with cost aspects.

Please send your enquiries for non-clinical treatment training via e-mail to Mr Volker Senft. We will discuss the topics, time from and appointment with you.


Volker Senft

Volker Senft