Alexander Schweitzer—Minister for Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Demographics in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate—visits TRACOE in Nieder-Olm

During his summer trip, comprising a colourful portfolio of visits to health care and private companies and institutions, Alexander Schweitzer, accompanied by Birgit Belz, Deputy Head of the Labour bureau, visited TRACOE in Nieder-Olm.

Other visitors included District Administrator Claus Schick, City Mayor Dieter Kuhl from Nieder-Olm, and Dorothea Schäfer, Member of the Rhineland-Palatinate Parliament, who were all welcomed by Managing Partner Stephan Köhler and Managing Director Dr. Thomas Jurisch. After a short presentation and a company tour, current and critical topics such as streamlining of the administration, subsidy policies, registration modalities, and tightening of laws about the EU medical devices ordinance and its meaning for SMEs were discussed.