Donation to the inclusive children's day care centre in Nieder-Olm

TRACOE medical has donated EUR 5,000 for the annual energy costs to the "Selzlinge" inclusive children's day care centre, founded by in.betrieb gGmbH, Association for Participation and Integration.

"Every donation helps to make the world a better place", says Dr Thomas Jurisch. "To give children the opportunity to meet others with and without disabilities quite naturally is a wonderful thing," added Stephan Köhler, TRACOE's managing director, because "humanity is firmly enshrined in our corporate philosophy and we are particularly committed to helping children."

Michael Huber, CEO of in.betrieb gGmbH, is delighted with this donation which has already virtually become a tradition.   "Financial support, especially of this magnitude, is exceptional and not something to be taken for granted. A partnership such as the one with the highly innovative TRACOE medical demonstrates our shared principles and is a tremendous asset for a social enterprise like in.betrieb." 

The managing directors of both companies, Dr Thomas Jurisch and Michael Huber, read a Christmas story to the children as part of the donation ceremony.