Mainz-Bingen district „Business of the Year“ award

TRACOE honoured in the „Top Innovation“ category

This prize for outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishment, which was first launched in 2010, is awarded by the district chief executive (Landrat) of the rural district of Mainz-Bingen to recognize the achievements of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. Stephan Köhler, managing director of TRACOE medical GmbH, was delighted to receive the award: „Innovation is one of the main pillars of our company and it makes us very proud that, time and time again, our employees manage to find ways to continually improve and further develop TRACOE products. This award shows that we are still on the right track with our guiding principle ‚Quality, made by people for people’.“ 

At a festive event, the prize was presented by the District Chief Executive Claus Schick to four companies in the categories ‘Vocational Training in Skilled Crafts and Trades’ (‘Ausbildung im Handwerk‘), ‘Skilled Crafts and Trades with a Future’ (‚Handwerk mit Zukunft‘) and ‘Top Innovation’ as well as for the ‘Special Business Idea’. The criteria for the selection of the prize-winning firms was not only how much they contribute to the economic strength and reputation of the region, but, over and above this, the extent to which they support employees or disabled colleagues in social or cultural terms.