MedTech Communications Conference: "Translating Technology into Life"

Stories about patients, users or technicians have a high level of credibility and therefore provide great communicative power for companies in the medical technology field.

This was emphasized by the experts at the "Medical Technologies Communications Conference" from MedInform, the BVMed information and seminar service, on 12 and 13 June 2017 in Cologne. A high level of trust and confidence is enjoyed by "People like you and me", with whom others can identify, said Edelman's Martin Flörkemeier. 

TRACOE medical attended the conference to exchange views on the subject with other experts in the field. We met, among others, the speaker Thomas Müller there. He had undergone a laryngectomy many years earlier and reported on his life and work as chairman of a self-help group. He is also a face of the BVMed "Körperstolz" (body pride) campaign, which seeks to demonstrate that even people with chronic diseases are living life to the full and are proud of their bodies. The campaign seeks to increase understanding of the lives of those affected and the value of medical devices for a self-sufficient life.

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