Working at TRACOE

TRACOE is promising ("Chancenreich")

"Quality by People for People" – that is our motto.

We are a 3rd generation family business and, based on long-term tradition and experience, we want to continue to follow our values of humanity and honesty towards our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

It is our goal to grow sustainably and to continuously expand our global success. To achieve this, we need qualified and motivated staff like you! If you would like to join us on this exciting journey, get inspired by the following pages about your chances and opportunities at TRACOE.

Best regards,


Stephan Köhler, Managing Director

Dr. Thomas Jurisch, Managing Director

Apprenticeship at TRACOE

TRACOE offers school graduates from universities of applied sciences or with general qualification for university entrance the following trainee positions:

– Industrial Management Assistant (m/f)

The apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant includes both practical training in the company and at a vocational school. The vocational school predominantly teaches the theoretical basics that are required to deal with the daily tasks as a commercial allrounder in a company. 

After the successful completion of your apprenticeship, you will find all kinds of opportunities in all areas of our company. The areas of deployment cover a broad range of tasks, for example in sales, logistics, human resources or accounting.

TRACOE offers school graduates with secondary school diploma the following trainee positions: 

– Warehouse Logistics Operator (m/f)

The apprenticeship will give trainees basic skills in logistics, such as order picking, warehousing, driving forklift trucks as well as operational and logistics organisation.

After having completed a training as Warehouse Logistics Operators, one is highly skilled in the art of placing goods into store in the most efficient manner as well as transporting, assembling and packing goods. Another task could include the improvement of warehouse and transport processes.

After having completed their training, 78 percent of apprentices have been offered a job at TRACOE.


Sandra De Rosa

Industrial Management Assistant to be, about her apprenticeship at TRACOE

Before taking up my apprenticeship, I was employed in the Packaging department at TRACOE, but I absolutely wanted to have a professional qualification. Therefore I applied as an apprentice with the company and was accepted. The apprenticeship as an Industrial  Management Assistant covers many different areas of business. You quickly gain a good overview of the different processes as you get to know the business from various angles. Also, you soon become a part of the team and are treated as a fully qualified member of staff. TRACOE values its staff very much, which makes for a really pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. You just know that TRACOE appreciates everybody for their unique capabilities, and you learn many other skills, far beyond your training schedule. If employees have a specific strength, this strong point is actively promoted.


Rene Bettrich

Warehouse Logistics Operator, about his training at TRACOE

After having completed my training as a Warehouse Logistics Operator, I was taken on as a Logistics employee at TRACOE straight away. Apart from the daily work in the Export department, I worked on different projects as well, some of which included IT projects for improving our ERP system. I loved those projects, which I thought were extremely challenging and interesting. When the IT department posted an additional position as a Junior ERP Assistant in user support, I applied for the job after initial hesitation. And indeed, I was accepted and am soon to start in this new area. It is like taking the plunge, but I think it is a great opportunity for my future career.

Qualification at TRACOE

TRACOE qualifies their employees in all departments by means of a wide range of different internal and external trainings and workshops.

The aim is to enable all employees to fulfil their professional tasks to their full potential by providing them with all the necessary skills.


Antonio Genova

Export Clerk, on his qualification as Air Freight Safety Officer

When I started working in TRACOE's export division, it was considerably easier to meet the legal specifications. As the safety authorities continuously increased hazard prevention measures, national and international laws concerning production, storage, shipping and transport have also been repeatedly tightened. To respond to these changes, I additionally chose to become an air freight safety officer. This position comes with a lot of responsibility, as there is a risk of severe legal complications for the business if we do not comply. However, by gaining new knowledge through the extra qualification and its focussed implementation, I can keep everything under control.

„Looking it up online is not enough“

Karin Strasser

Assistant to the Managing Director, on her qualification measures to take responsibility for the fleet of cars

TRACOE is expanding, especially the sales department. That made it necessary to have a single point of contact responsible for the company's fleet of vehicles. As assistant to the managing director, I'm often given tasks in areas where I do not have much knowledge or experience initially, and therefore I first have to become acquainted with. This time was no different. Looking it up online is not enough, the job of managing the fleet of vehicles is simply too complex. That is why I took part in an external seminar on the topicand realised once again how important it is to have a professional approach to such a complex challenge. I also regularly participate in refresher courses to stay up to date and I'm happy that TRACOE fully supports this. Thus TRACOE enables me to perform this task professionally.


Oliver Kiedrowitz

Logistics employee, about his qualification as an Air Freight Safety Officer

At TRACOE, I completed my training as a Warehouse Logistics Operator, after which I began my work as a Logistics employee. The strong growth of TRACOE medical GmbH, especially in foreign non-European countries, means that our tasks in Logistics have steadily increased. Also, the national and international safety and security laws and regulations regarding the production, storage, shipment and transport of medical products are becoming increasingly complex. To respond to these challenges, I also trained as an Air Freight Safety Officer. This role comes with a lot of responsibility as there is a risk of serious legal complications and penalties for the business if we do not comply. By gaining new knowledge through the extra qualification and applying it to my work, I have got everything under control.

Careers at TRACOE

TRACOE offers their staff a large variety of development opportunities within the framework of both specialised and management careers.

67 percent of TRACOE managers were first given responsibility for personnel.

22 percent of TRACOE employees have taken the opportunity to change jobs in-house.

„Achieving success together with the retailers“

Rimm Elfu

Director of International Sales, on his career at TRACOE

I studied sports economics and worked in sales and marketing both during and after my studies. During this time, I learned some about medicine and gained initial experience in sales. In my first job at TRACOE as a product specialist in the export division, I also gained experience of working with all kinds of people and cultures. When my manager was promoted, he suggested me to take over his position, which I was obviously very happy about. In general, I would say that the trust I received from the company management and division directors was very motivating. This management position is extremely demanding, as our authorised dealers around the world rightly expect you to be available for them at any time of day. But I find it great fun, because the close relationship with the customer leads to a great deal of success that we achieve together. 

„The patience paid off “

Nina Roth

Team Leader in Production, on her career at TRACOE

I trained to become a precision mechanic, and started working at TRACOE four years ago in production. Alongside manufacturing various types of cannulas, I trained new employees and was also involved in various projects. I found these two areas in particular really enjoyable, so I decided to apply for a vacancy as a team leader. My first application was not successful, but I tried again and the patience paid off. I've been given this opportunity and am now a provisional team leader in final assembly. Although my new role is a challenge, it is still really enjoyable and I hope that I can continue to prove myself as a team leader.

"It is exciting to be able to shape the product in the development stage already"

Valerij Keiner

Junior Project Manager for Development, on his career at TRACOE

I initially worked for five years at TRACOE as a member of the production staff. After a while I then switched to the technology division. In addition to manufacturing the standard products, I was also involved in constructing prototypes for new developments, and in the transition from development to full production. Because of my links with development, I was offered the chance to work in that department as a lab assistant. After the first project, I was asked straight away whether I would like to work on my own development projects as a junior project manager. I found the idea of being able to shape a product in the development stage really exciting, because that way I could make life easier for my colleagues in production through good product design. The decision to move to development is one that I definitely have not regretted.

Holistic development at TRACOE

People can only performance to their full potential if all areas of their lives are more or less in harmony. TRACOE is committed to support their employees in this respect.

In addition to the "classic" continued development and further training education, TRACOE - amongst other things - offers a programme for promoting a healthy lifestyle and, in cooperation with a company called Cathagis, also a broad range of coaching support. Cathagis Coaching helps employees to look for and define goals, dissolve conflicts, manage crises, develop leadership competence, recognise options for action, solve communication problems, find a balance in their personal life and avoid burn-out. For this purpose, Cathagis uses a broad range of scientific analysis tools and employs experienced coaches.

Often, the development and education of employees is exclusively focussed on mental capabilities. However, holistic development must also take the body into consideration, especially in societies with an ageing population. For this reason, TRACOE offers their employees a programme for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Apart from sport and medical care provided by company doctors, TRACOE is keen to promote the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses.

In the Mainz Corporate Challenge 2014, TRACOE competed with a 40-strong team of runners.

„Support in all areas of life“

Catharina Jurisch

Systemic Coach, on her role as a coach at TRACOE

I'm very interested in dealing with people, their problems, potential and opportunities for development. Being able to bring this interest, together with my wide range of experience from life and work in a mid-sized family business, into a dynamic company like TRACOE is a great fit. I'm especially happy when I can inspire my coaches to find new ways and solutions, and accompany them successfully through crises and processes of change. 


Katharina Schessler

Final Assembly employee, about what TRACOE offers for promoting a healthy lifestyle

I spend a lot of time sitting at my workplace in Production, which is why I absolutely need to do something physical after work. Therefore, I love to make use of the company's back pain prevention program. Also, I participate in the Mainz Corporate Challenge as a member of the TRACOE team every year. Running is great, and it is not so much about a personal record, but mainly about enjoying sports together with my colleagues from different company departments.

University education at TRACOE

In Germany, the DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) is unique in combining an academic university degree with practical experience in industry: Students spend their time between university and their partner company. This way, they are able to gain not just solid theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience on the job and important "soft skills". The course lasts three years. The alternating theoretical and practical modules mean that the course is both varied and full of interesting subjects.

Currently TRACOE offers the following university places:

– Dual Studies Business Administration Industry (B.A.) (m/f)

– Dual Studies Business Informatics – Application Management (B.Sc.) (m/f)

„My newly gained knowledge is extremely helpful“

Daniela Schüller

Manager Customer Service, on combining studies with working at TRACOE

After working in several positions throughout my career, I realised more and more that one of my main interests was in HR. When I applied at TRACOE for Assistant to Head of Sales, I was also studying for a distance learning Masters degree in personnel development. At first glance, this course had little to do with my new job, but TRACOE gave me the support to continue with my studies. Since being promoted to Manager Customer Service, I've noticed how useful the newly gained knowledge is, both in terms of management and personnel development. Continuing down this path was the right decision, even if at first glance, it wasn't immediately apparent how I could actually apply this knowledge in my job.


Adeline Renier

Regulatory Affairs about her diploma thesis at TRACOE

I studied Biomedical Technology in France and wanted to write my thesis abroad. A friend at TRACOE got me the placement with the company. After having completed my thesis in the company‘s Quality Management department, I was approached by TRACOE and asked if I wanted to stay. Since I already knew the company and enjoyed my work in Quality Management, I agreed. This was six years ago, and the work in Quality Management continues to give me a lot of pleasure. With my additional task as a Quality Management and Safety Officer for Medical Products, I have been given a lot of responsibility.

Further training at TRACOE

TRACOE supports and promotes the individual further training and education of employees, for example by bearing the respective costs and giving them time off work or providing the learning materials.

The aim is to give employees the opportunity to reach for higher-qualified jobs and more senior positions.


Elvira Vogel

Buyer in the Strategic Purchasing department, about her further training as a Qualified Purchasing and Logistics Management Assistant

I am really a qualified solicitor's assistant by trade. When my children had grown up and I wanted to return to work, this was more difficult than I had thought. Therefore, initially, I started on a temporary job in the Quality Management department at TRACOE. At some point there was an opportunity for me to move to the Purchasing department. I really enjoy this kind of work because of the close contact with our suppliers. However, I felt that I needed a theoretical basis in addition to my practical experience, which is why - in my spare time - I completed a further training as a Qualified Purchasing and Logistics Management Assistant. Doing this while looking after my family as well as working full time was very stressful, but well worth it. 


Wolf Schürmann

Regional Sales Manager, on his further qualification as product manager

I'm currently working in the international field service. My main tasks include sales acquisitions, developing and maintaining customer relationships, and training and motivating the local TRACOE retailers with the aim of increasing product sales. But sales, especially for new products, is often at the end of a long process. It is a long way from the original product idea, through the development and production stages to marketing measures. The products will only have the best chances of success on the market once these areas have been addressed, otherwise we risk creating more work for ourselves. That's why TRACOE plans to build up a product management structure to ensure good coordination. I found the position of product manager really interesting, so I'm currently training to gain the required qualification. When the time comes, I'll be ready to take on my first projects and implement them expertly.