TRACOE medical GmbH invita a sus distribuidores internacionales a Alemania

TRACOE medical distribuye sus productos en más de 86 países.

Por esta razón se les hizo llegar a todos nuestros distribuidores repartidos por el mundo una invitación a un encuentro internacional el cual fue numerosamente visitado.

Alrededor de 40 distribuidores de 25 países de todos los continentes se dieron cita en este encuentro e intercambio en Alemania. Durante 2 días fueron atendidos por los anfitriones internacionales de TRACOE y pudieron observar no solo cómo se fabrican manualmente y de alta precisión los productos de TRACOE medical en Nieder-Olm, sino también pudieron conocer un poco la cultura alemana y su medio ambiente.
¡En general fue un gran éxito para todos los participantes!

En nuestra galería adjunta, podrán contrar algunas impresiones.

Adjunto, una lista de feedback que no les queremos retener:

„I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time than I had at Germany and at your lunch and the dinner party. The Tracoe factory tour was marvelous, the food superb, and the other distributors company fabulous. You have an ideal office and Tracoe family. I don't think I'll ever forget the stories of Tracoe. We are fortunate to have such wonderful, business partner. Mr Stephan Kohler's speech at the meet has motivated my sales and business spirit. I am simply glad to be a part of Tracoe Family.“ – India

„It was also for us a big pleasure met all of you. A beautiful meeting, organization and friends. “ – Italia

„Ich moechte mich herzlichst bei Dir und dem gesammtem Team bedanken fuer einen sehr interessanten Besuch bei Euch. Es war wirklich alles perfekt organisiert und deshalb auch so gut und lehrreich.“ – Israel

“It was a pleasure meeting you in Germany and thanks for all the good times and discussions. It was a great pleasure to be with all Tracoe family in the meeting at the company.” – Siria

“We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip (as you can see from the photos), you did a great job to organise so many of us from all round the world. We will share with both the team and our customer, the real feeling of positive energy, commitment and drive for the future that we experienced from every member of the Tracoe team. It really did feel  like a special company,  and we are extremely proud to represent you in the UK.” – Gran Bretaña

"A big Thank you for a wonderfully organised meeting which was truly inspiring and enlightening. We appreciate all the time and effort that went int the planning of the meeting and enjoyed every aspect of it from the sightseeing to the lecture and especially the tour of the Tracoe Plant. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and all you did to make our visit a great success. Thank you for kindly forwarding the lecture to us, we appreciate this." – Sudáfrica

"Thank you all for the great hospitality. I could truly feel the energy, enthusiasm and team spirit. It was nothing but first class." – Canadá