A Cushion Seldom Comes Alone

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Not every tracheostoma looks like the other. They are as individual as the patients themselves. There are suitable, but also frayed, deep, uneven, too large and / or scarred tracheostomata. The challenge then lies in the sealing and sometimes also in the padding.

The Kapi-Gel® tracheostoma cushion is such a problem solver that "fills" difficult contours around the stoma. It is a self-adhesive silicone gel pad without glue that discreetly reduces air leakage and thus ensures more comfort for the tracheostomized and laryngectomized patient.

The TRACOE® softpad, made of absorbent, open-pored polyurethane foam, is an oval tracheostoma pad that also buffers the pressure of the tube’s neck flange against the skin of the neck.

Through the circular opening and notches, the absorbent pad can easily be pushed onto the outer cannula before the tracheostomy tube is inserted.

We also have such a problem solver for our NIV masks from Hans Rudolph, Inc.: The METRO SealTM, a medical adhesive plaster. Thanks to the skin-friendly adhesive surface, it ensures a secure fixation of probes and accessory tubes and does not slip. At the same time, it provides an airtight seal between the mask, tube and the patient's skin.

Whether with a tracheostomy tube or a NIV mask, we have suitable problem solvers for you.

The Muppets even go one step further: “We can solve any problem!” 😉

TRACOE medical is the exclusive sales partner of KAPITEX Healthcare and Hans Rudolph, Inc. products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please contact KAPITEX or Hans Rudolph directly to find the right contact in your country.

Blog "A Cushion as Problem Solver"

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