A Soft Cushion With Filling Power

The Kapi-Gel® tracheostoma cushion from our sister company KAPITEX Healthcare Ltd. in the UK.

Breathing and speaking with a tracheostoma requires an airtight seal. If the tracheostoma is large, asymmetrical and/or low-lying, a good seal can still be achieved in many cases by using additional aides. (1)

The Kapi-Gel® tracheostoma cushion is one such problem solver that "fills" difficult contours around the stoma. It is a self-adhesive silicone gel pad that discreetly reduces air leakage, providing greater comfort for tracheostomized and laryngectomized patients.

In addition, the cushion can be used in both adults and children for granuloma and wound prophylaxis because it prevents mechanical irritation.2

The Kapi-Gel comes in two thicknesses and two different hole sizes.

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TRACOE medical is the exclusive sales partner of KAPITEX Healthcare products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please contact KAPITEX directly to find the right contact in your country.

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