A wide variety of sporting activities and events at the TRACOE “Movement” Health Awareness Day

This extraordinary working day was tremendous fun for our staff, who tackled the sporting activities with great enthusiasm.

After two successful Health Awareness Days on the topics “Nutrition” and “Ergonomics” in 2018, this year’s motto for the internal Health Awareness Day was “Movement”. We were once again able to offer all our employees a wide variety of activities and events as part of the health management programme (GEMA). In addition to interesting workshops on topics such as “Pain-free backs” or “Pain-free knees”, there were also presentations such as “Enjoy life and avoid pain” on offer. Alongside this, every staff member had the opportunity to try their responsiveness on a twall® or have their sense of balance tested.

This was an exceptional working day, full of energy and joie de vivre, with everyone enjoying the shared sporting activities and events.

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