Goosebump Moments: When Patients Are Able to Speak Again

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Beautiful music, a horror movie or shivering cold can make your hair stand on end. Many people also get goosebumps when they experience moving moments of happiness.

Our colleagues in sales sometimes experience moving moments during on-site appointments directly with patients in the hospital or at home. They tell us, the employees who make their contribution to TRACOE mainly in the office, about these experiences and thus regularly share these "goosebumps moments" with us.

We are very touched when one or more of our products are used and the patient's life situation can be improved or even a difficult situation can be defused.

One such wonderful moment is, for example, when the speaking valve is used for the first time and the patient can produce sounds or even speak again. In many cases, patients were unable to do this for a long time and had to find other, harder ways to communicate with their fellow human beings. This is usually only possible with aids such as letter boards, sign language, communication with pictures and symbols, and even electronic support.

With the possibility to be able to phonate again, for example with a speaking valve, they often win back a large piece of freedom and dignity! They can again participate in their environment and in life.

Such special "goosebumps moments” clarify and encourage us in our work. Do you also want to experience such a moment? Then have a look here:

Interview with speech therapist Nicolin Bähre

TRACOE Short „ Listen who's talking: Anna and the snail“

Brochure „Inner Values PHON ASSIST“

Article „Use of speaking valves in tracheostomised adults to promote oropharyngeal sensation, swallowing and speaking.“, N. Bähre 2020

Article „Step by step to decannulation using a speaking valve“, Dr. MD Heidler 2017

Article „Encouraging child development: Speaking valves in children with tracheostomies - why their use is so important*“, N. Bähre 2018

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