Hello, I'm Lumy!

The well-being of little patients is a matter close to our hearts! To make the everyday life of affected children a little easier we have a new family member who will accompany the kids product group: Our LUMY! Lumy supports therapists, doctors and nurses around the topic of tracheostomy and helps to bring affected parents and children closer to the topic. We have big plans for him, but now he introduces himself:

Hi! I am a little red panda and come from the Himalayas. Unfortunately, I was born prematurely and my lungs were not yet fully developed. That's why I had to be on a ventilator. To make it easier for me and the doctors, I had a tracheostomy and have been wearing a tracheostomy tube ever since. I no longer need the respirator, but sometimes I still need suction, especially if I have a cold or need additional oxygen.

I have already left my mark in the company building and on the website. I will soon be cheating on the outer packaging of the silcosoft and mini tracheostomy tubes and will be happy to accompany you at trade fairs and in hospitals. I'm also getting into the film business and my first book is already in print. Be curious what I'll experience!

My mission: I want to encourage children by showing them that you can achieve a lot and have fun with a tracheostomy tube.

You will find more information about our kids-products here:

Brochure “For little Heroes – TRACOE Portfolio for Neonates, Infants and Children”

(The brochure is also available in Spanish in our download library)

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