Occupational Health Management takes centre stage

In 2018, TRACOE launched a major health initiative and, in doing so, took what was previously on offer up to the next level. Under the motto “Healthy mind, healthy body”, a large-scale project was launched with the aim of achieving a sustainable and long-term improvement in the well-being of TRACOE employees.

Together with the Infraserv Occupational Health Centre, based in Frankfurt-Höchst, and the consulting agency Cathagis Coaching from Frankfurt am Main, TRACOE employees were asked about their wishes and needs as regards health in the workplace. This survey highlighted nutrition, ergonomics, exercise and relaxation as key issues for occupational health management for the next 2 years.

In an internal creativity competition, all TRACOE employees also had the opportunity to suggest a title for the health management programme.  The project name “GeMa – Gesundheitsmanagement” (GeMa - Health Management) was selected in a democratic voting process from a variety of creative and humorous suggestions. For almost a year now, TRACOE has been encouraging its staff to take part in a range of activities, which, in German, are named using wordplay to incorporate part of the project name, e.g. “GeMa joggen“ (get jogging) or “GeMa chillen“ (chill out).  


In the first year of the project phase, TRACOE is focussing on raising awareness of the subject of “healthy eating in everyday office life” through specialist lectures and on the optimum ergonomic design of each individual workplace. It also offers one-to-one consultations with healthcare professionals and physiotherapists. To complete the “menu”, fresh fruit will be available in the workplace every day free of charge, healthy snacks in conference rooms, pleasantly designed break rooms and much, much more.

In the following year, the fitness activities on offer will be supplemented with the provision of, for instance, shower facilities for staff members, who cycle to work each morning, a table-tennis table for active lunch breaks, back exercise courses that will be offered weekly free of charge and a running group that organises runs each month.

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