Production in new silicone unit: TRACOE medical expands its range for neonates and children

Launch of the new „TRACOE silcosoft“ product line

TRACOE medical GmbH is expanding its range of products for neonates and children with the addition of its „TRACOE silcosoft“ line. For this, TRACOE medical is adding silicone to its portfolio. In doing so, the company has invested 1.3 million euros in setting up its own silicone production facility on site in Nieder-Olm. TRACOE medical GmbH is intensifying its activities in an important global area of business and has laid the foundations for further growth in this highly specialised business sector. Worldwide there are only very few suppliers offering such a wide range of children‘s tubes.

Until now, TRACOE had two children‘s tubes in its portfolio with the „mini“ product line in the „kids“ range. With „silcosoft“, the company is now adding eight more to the range and currently offers ten different tubes. They have been developed specifically to meet the special needs of neonates and infants, whose anatomical structures are constantly developing to accommodate their body structure, breathing and phonation. Therefore, products are needed for the care of small tracheostomy patients that are appropriate not only for the body size and growth phase of the child, but also for the level of maturity of the child‘s respiratory organs and respiratory tract.

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