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The PHONIQ® range is the new generation of laryngectomy products with smart, patented features that simplify patients' lives every day.

Life becomes easier not only for the patient, but also for you as a nurse or a relative! When coughing or sneezing, the PHONIQ® DigiClose™ ️HME filters stay in place.

The modern HMEs have a unique pressure relief mechanism that is activated when coughing or sneezing and prevents them from being ejected from the base plate or similar. Or even the base plate coming loose. Therefore, patients don't have to worry when coughing or sneezing - nothing gets loose on its own.

Also very cool: Tests have shown that PHONIQ® DigiClose™️ HME filters require 30% less strength than competitor products during phonation. (1)

With the DigiClose™ ️ COMFORT or the DigiClose™ ️ ACTIVE nothing stands in the way of everyday life and activities.

Would your patients also like to sing in the shower?

This is possible with the new silicone shower protection! It fits exactly on the DigiClose HME.

The flexible silicone connection allows talking with finger closure with the HME and provides more safety in the shower. The soft, rounded edges protect the skin. "Singing in the rain" is also possible with the discreet, low-profile design. The shower protector can also be worn outside and keeps out wind and rain.

The system is made particularly flexible by the different PHONIQ® interface options: 2 self-adhesive base plates available in round and oval shapes, as well as silicone short tubes and stoma buttons.

All PHONIQ® interfaces are compatible with the HME filter cassettes, which feature the patented pressure relief function.

1) VER 011 Bericht zur Funktionsverifikation von PHONIQ HMEs, 7. Februar 2020

TRACOE medical is exclusive distributor of KAPITEX products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To find the distributor in your country please contact KAPITEX (www.kapitex.com) directly.


KAPITEX DigiClose HME - How it Works

Die Hohlkehlchen - Don't lose heart despite laryngectomy! A choir consisting only of laryngectomized people who powerfully give themselves a voice.

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