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Every year, World Beard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in September. On this day, all bearded members of a household are exempt from housework and can use the day to relax.(1) On all other days, however, equality should prevail, after all, there are also men without beards. If you can't even see the dirt in the corners, you should perhaps think about glasses - for two out of three adult Germans, they are already part of their life.

Eyeglass wearers also have their own international holiday, Eyeglass Day on April 23.(2) If an eyeglass wearer is fitted with a respiratory mask for medical reasons, then the glasses are often in the way or cannot be worn at all. For the patient, this may mean a reduction in the field of vision. For full beard wearers, there may be problems with the seal when wearing an oral-nasal mask.(3)

With the NIV masks from Hans Rudolph, inc. (HRI), glasses can be kept on and even a beard is no longer a restriction.

The HRI masks feature a soft, thin and flexible membrane in the nasal area, easy and quick positioning of the mask due to the patented chin cup and 5 mask sizes. This means that every patient can be provided with the right mask in the appropriate size for him/her.

The sizing is slightly different from other manufacturers. You can use a template to determine the correct mask size. The manufacturer HRI has also made two videos on the correct use of the masks in English.(4)

The NIV masks can be used in both homecare and hospital settings.

For the side sleepers among us, there is unfortunately no international holiday of their own, but at least the World Day of Sleep in March.(5) But they also benefit from our HRI masks. The good fit and soft material make it possible to sleep relaxed even on the side. This also makes it easy to cope with household chores the next day, whether you're wearing glasses or a beard 😊.

TRACOE medical is the exclusive sales partner of Hans Rudolph, Inc. products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please contact Hans Rudolph directly to find the right contact in your country.

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